Midorie Round Frame

Midorie Round Frame

Round frame with three plants. Variation of three colors.

₱ 1,625

Enjoy the cute round shaped frame. Hang it on the wall or place it on the shelf, many ways to enjoy. It grows everyday and changes its look. It is just an art of nature.

Size: W158mm x H162mm x D50mm (around D120~200mm with plants)
Weight after watering: around 700~800g
The round frame comes with one (1) water supply bottle.

About ''Pafcal'': It is a new material alternative to the soil. ''Pafcal'' is a revolutionary new Japanese technology invented by Suntory. It is clean, light and easy to maintain. It provides and keeps the best condition for plants to grow which is 30% of water and 70% of air. Plants are alive, so need to take care of it. Maintenance is very easy. Just supply water from the water inlet around 1~3 times a week. And from time to time prune to keep the stylish shape. That way, plants will continue to grow for long time. People breath and green breath circulation will keep your room refreshing. Bring the green closer into your life.