KJ Fairmart

KJ Fairmart

KJ Fairmart is a familiar site to budget shoppers and wholesale buyers in Bacolod City. Currently with 4 outlets, but planning to add another 2 soon. The same group that owns and operates the fast growing convenience chain in the Negros region, Munsterific, also owns KJ Fairmart. We expect exciting things happening from this group.

iRegalo Exclusive: Electronic Gift Certificates
Now, with iRegalo's exclusive instantly redeemable electronic gift certificates, you can send your loved ones in Bacolod a GrocerMart EGC and they can immediately shop. No need to wait for delivery of a gift certificate.

Electronic Gift Certificate features:

  • No expiration date
  • Non-refundable
  • Multiple-use GC
  • In denominations of P100 or P500 per transaction.

Why use electronic gift certificates?
Because they are fast!

Electronic gift certificates are the modern version of the classic paper gift certificates in today's fast paced world. It still gives you the assurance that your gift is spent only for the items that can be purchased within the store. It still also gives your recipients the convenience to choose the nearest branch and the specific items that they will buy.

Peace of mind, convenience, and instant redemption all rolled into one.

No Delivery Required
On top of this, electronic gift certificates do not need to be delivered physically. No need to track the delivery.

Instantly Redeemable
They are received instantly via SMS thru your recipient's mobile phone. Hence, they can immediately be used to purchase items in the outlets covered by the EGC.

New Product
Because this product is new, the number of outlets is limited. Please make sure the outlets are accessible to your recipients. However, rest assured that we would continue to add outlets.

E-mail Notifications
We will still provide you with an e-mail to confirm each purchase after you complete your payment.

KJ Fairmart Gatuslao

AVA Bldg., Gatuslao-San Sebastian Sts., Bacolod City

(034) 434 1122

KJ Fairmart Burgos

Dela Rama Bldg., Hilado St., Bacolod City

(034) 433 2004

KJ Fairmart Sum-ag

Adela Bldg., Araneta St., Bacolod City

(034) 444 7094

KJ Fairmart Libertad

Margarita St., Libertad Extension, Bacolod City

(034) 431 2574